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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Reviews

Hard Wired Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A selection of hard wired Carbon Monoxide Detectors, ideal for either residential or commercial installations. Hard-wired carbon monoxide detectors are most typically AC powered and may or may-not feature a battery back-up and must be integrated into an existing alarm panel.


System Sensor CO1224T

RealTest enabled with canned CO
A code-required trouble relay
Six-year end-of-life timer
Wiring supervision with SEMS terminals
12/24VDC operation
Electrochemical sensing technology


Macurco CM-E1

Slim design, under ½" thick
Speed mounting with snap in wire harness
Field testable
9-32 Volt input for a variety of systems
Expiration notification
Visual display with green, amber and red


GE Security 250-CO

Uses electrochemical sensing technology
Self-diagnostics for optimal operation
Built-in trouble/power supervision relay
Long-life six-year sensor with end-of-life signal
One-touch TEST/HUSH button simplifies local operation
On-board LED provides local alarm and trouble indication

Standalone Carbon Monoxide Alarms

A selection of standalone Carbon Monoxide Alarms. These CO detectors are typically battery powered and operate independently of any alarm panel systems, ideal for residential and commercial locations that don't already have an installed alarm system.


First Alert CO410

Backlit Digital Display
2 AA Batteries
Front-access battery compartment
Test/silence button
Low battery warning
End of life timer


BRK Electronics CO400

Uses electrochemical sensor
Simple to use silence/test button
Low battery warning & end-of-life timer
2 AA batteries included



Battery Operated
Digital Display
Test/Reset Button
Low Battery Signal
Slide-Out Battery Door Cover
Battery Safeguard

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