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GE Security 260-CO Carbon Monoxide Detector

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The GE Security 260-CO is the newest Carbon Monoxide Detector from Edwards Signaling and their parent brand, GE Security. Replacing the GE 250-CO, the 260-CO features a ten year lifespan, as well as a tethering function that allows you to connect one 260-CO to other installed 260-COs, so if one alarm is activated, they all activate together. This is crucial, because now no matter where you are when the alarm goes off, you can get out of harm's way faster than ever before. The 250-CO has become a household addition around the world since it's release and for most it still provides accurate and reliable detection. However, it's 7 year lifespan means you will have to replace it relatively soon, so what better option than to replace it with an equally comparable CO Detector from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry?

The 260-CO still carries that same great performance, it's SafeTest feature still allows you to verify accurate functionality of the device and it still is just as easy to install as it's predecessors, including the 240-COe. Check back soon, as we will be adding more information for the 260-CO as it becomes available!

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