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GE 250-CO Carbon Monoxide Detector

The GE Security 250-CO has come to be known as the Carbon Monoxide Detector of choice throughout the Life Safety Industry. Originally developed by Edwards Signaling, which was later acquired by GE Security, the GE 250-CO's top quality performance is what propelled it to popularity as one of the most reliable four-wire carbon monoxide detectors available. Even now, after Edwards Signaling was acquired by UTC Fire and Security, there still aren't many products that boast the wide range of features found in the 250 CO Detector. The 250-CO, designed for replacing the 240-COe, still carries the same quality and dependability that hundred of thousands of homes and businesses have come to trust. The 250-CO will still continue to protect a countless number of homes from dangerous Carbon Monoxide gases. The 250-CO also features a much smaller footprint and is much easier to install than it's predecessor, allowing for quicker and easier installation. It really isn't hard to see why the GE Security Carbon Monoxide Detector, the 250-CO, is the clear choice among home-owners and professional security installers around the country.

Now for your convenience, features a guide for replacing the 250-CO with an included wiring diagram, as well as information on carbon monoxide detectors and information on other carbon monoxide alarms.

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